Winter 2015-2016 Volunteers

Nov 1st, 2015 - Mar 31st, 2016

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Winter 2016-2017 Basketball Season



Volunteers who created an account during the spring 2015 or fall 2015 season may use the "Sign In" button to begin.  User information stored prior to the switch (April 2015) was not carried over from the old platform.  You may use the login button ONLY AFTER you are registered on this new site.

Please note: There are only two concession stand locations to choose from for the winter season: Carmel HS Varsity gym (HS Basketball/Wrestling events) and the Carmel HS Field House (CDC/Pups basketball events)


Important Volunteer Agreement Information:

Failure to sign up for a shift within the sport season OR failure to show for your scheduled shift will result in being charged $50.00 at the end of the season.  It is possible your Carmel Dads’ Club account will be placed “on hold” and you will be unable to register in the future if the assessment is not paid.

If you choose not to volunteer for a concession shift, please pay the opt-out volunteer fee of $25 any time before the season is over or post-season fees will apply.  Payment can be made at the following link:  Pay Volunteer Fee Now


Key Volunteer Information you should know:

  1. Each family is only required to volunteer for one 2-hour shift per season.  You do not have to do a shift per child, it is per family.
  2. Volunteering applies to ALL CDC families: Rec Leagues, Travel Leagues and families on KAP scholarship.
  3. Concession volunteers must be 15 years old or older.
  4. You may volunteer at any venue. Please note, not all sporting locations have concessions.  You may need to volunteer at a different location then where your child plays.
  5. All shifts need to be registered ahead of time. 
  6. You may change your shift no later than 48 hours prior to your assigned shift.  Log onto this site and make changes.  Please make sure to remove your old shift when choosing a new one.
  7. At the start of your volunteer shift, please report to the concession stand manager and sign the attendance sheet next to your name.  This sheet is how we will confirm your shift is complete.
  8. In the event that a shift is cancelled due to weather or any other means that are beyond our control - you are still required to fulfill your volunteer obligations and reschedule for another shift within that sport season unless otherwise notified by the Concessions Coordinator.
  9. If your volunteer status changes during the season (i.e. you are now a HEAD coach, team sponsor or sport commissioner), please contact the office so that we may remove you from the concessions list.


Please contact Karen Coons, Concessions Coordinator, at

Interested in learning more about the Volunteer Opportunities?

The various volunteer positions available are: Sports Commissioner, Head Coach, Concession Worker and Team Sponsor. If you have questions about the volunteer policy, please click on the link. Carmel Dads' Club Volunteer Information


Community Service Hours

Students over the age of 15 - We welcome students to fulfill community service hours at our concession stands.  Please do not sign up for community service hours through the volunteer system - contact Karen Coons at


Thank you for your participation.  Enjoy the season!